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Tinder’s Bag Listing. Tinder’s Bag of Holding Provides The After.

Meridiem Explorations: [ modify | edit origin ]

-tattered orange attire from older monk with his head

As entirely on Mt. Machtobo whenever Tinder entered the realm of Xel and being one of the few mortals to-break of their realize single-handedly. It had been later always scare the junk out from the monks truth be told there, not on function of course.

-lemon that never disappears whenever you take in they Destined Lemon

On a single part was a goblins face with a tilted grown, his nose is quite huge. Another side depicts a womans bust on a sunset. The majority of the coins expect become chewed on by something with fangs.

– magical icicle switch-blade

Found nearby the Giant Ice wall surface on Meridiem that has been safeguarded by Two Drow looking creatures, however afterwards getting daemons of manner, the ice blade seems to be a frozen handle, that is very cold to touch, but flicking the arm create a razor-sharp icicle. It shatters like regular ice, and also in heavy temperature will melt. ((PROVIDED TO OAKNOT POWDERLEAF))

-small level bit of sharpening stone

Taken from Wol’s Dwarf-like avatar, it was borrowed during an unusual confrintation with a tornado. [[

– tetsu’s pocket book *The publication is designated “Pursuing stories”*

A book employed by Tinder together with people on Meridiem regarding the peculiar monsters that turned into legend, it details around 13 of the most extremely famous them. One web page is designated with a splotch of blood.

– block of construct steel

Extracted from the peculiar stone-metal animated snake found in one of several thick jungles of Meridiem.

– report case filled with some things

-really rusty Chapak -small round shield -Tetsu’s Flute -golden bong from Gnomad -Requiem’s (Reknown Valikorlian Bishop) sleep -20 metal casing sling bullets -Kender fashioned, and measured Ninja attire (Four-Gods guild disguise +2 for hiding) -5 containers of very shit from four gods guild -30 toes glass dish (created by fireball on sands) -a scrap of paper from Ilthak’s available place. (grocery list for pickeled areas of the body) -Climbers package (spiked footwear, etc) -10 bone tissue organizing blades -gloomkin doll mind -red and white removed stilts -some older towels -pile of glowing stones and skeleton parts. (A guardian undead of types) -two statues keeping Orrovan’s godly axe -four passes to tonights showings at a theatre in Hurlin. -RizaDiza’s mind -4 roses

Kharlian escapades: [ modify | edit source ]

– a bell provided to your by Bromium who was simply going by Siege then that after shaken produces lighting snowfall for a little while. – damaged guides of the aging process through the mage tower – a live cricket tinder mistakenly conjured. – Anjou Raiheart’s Apple Center. Positioned on Tinders mind in a strange means, when he mentioned “Aww” to the woman and some knight chap. – silver Dragoon Medallion depciting a Dragon when you look at the air. The dimensions of a big coin, and states Dragoon Corps. on their back. – yellow ruby. from Wilhem Jacobs -Human measured Lizardman skin shoes

while the dirty cardboard field they came in. -Kinetic Energy band. -One extra pouch of homebrew adhesive (Bugbear spit, goblin snot, honey and forest sap) -From Cahfei’s Grave

-valikorlian dish -valikorlian helm -long sword (Valikorlian) -short blade (Valikorlian) -mace (Valikorlian) -crossbow (Valikorlian) -Gallons of water from The Flood. -kendersized valikorlian dish -kendersized valikorlian helm -Taronian field plate with grieves and gauntlets -Bracers of uncommon success -Sil’Fer’s severed right supply – Flagon of Disgust (can help hold a glass or two, but trigger compound inside to alter, which range from worst flavor to creating it poisonous.) -picture the guy drew of elf girl -piece regarding the urn of lifestyle – The imitation on the well-known Skyblade -‘pop’ right up book with howling spirits inside -Hoopak -Bugbear tresses (scruffs) -3 jugs of milk -2 wooden glasses -rope (100 legs) -grasshoppers (2, lifeless) -cheese (4 blocks) -a controls (little,wooden) -stick (2) -map of Endraal -map of Valikorlia -map of varied Meridiem parts -backwards compass -a hilt of a sword -a grappling hook -Lerhyn creased banner -map of Alkaria -Some of Tauren’s ashes -black kid’s Halloween mask -a chipmunks head -a piece of wooden with scribbles onto it -a waxpaper design of a elephant -seventeen strands of dwarven undesired facial hair -Empyrian ladies make-up -a turtle pot (Suiriku) -a bee in a container -the publication a dragons toothache -an inn signal -instruments (flute and lute) -cheese grater -peace treaties also essential documentation (3) -a filled poultry -a shining ball -a bucket of Ascan liquids -a black colored mages magic publication -cotton tunics (2) -gnomish spectacles -a topknot owner (2) -a brass bracelet -small stones (20) -large rocks (2) -a case of rubbish from an inn -seventeen old loafs of honey loaves of bread -four dead wild birds -eleven quilts -a pair of wood teeth -a dusty scraped little bit of glass -hot turf -exotic fruit -Six covers -a heap of hay -bucket, wood -Orc teeth -asca royal robes and icons -vial of water explosive -Drow cave soil -a bumble image of a character -Saurvoldic priest representation -pure wonderful blade (from Gwydions treasury) -mushrooms (5) -drow shortsword -Val holy symbolization -statue of Zangus Skyblade -bracelet of outdated Taron master -copper items (22) -barrel of grain -barrel -barrel of dried meat -a demons tooth (through the dropping abyss tower) -a corrupted rose (almost endraal whenever battling corruption) -a bit of Exar Katarn’s helm -Dalmar manufacturer section (with the aid of a gnome who demanded products) -alchemists fire (2) -many pieces of chalk -lockpicks (lots of) -several points (to inns, desserts, castles, etc.) -red bag stuffed with vials of collected mud -yellow case of tips (period magician) -cantrips (2) -loafs of loaves of bread and differing rations -painted rock -cracked teacup -folded kite with damaged reigns -small fishing rod -grand team (from Cendamos) -magic blade of returning -Dragoon Medallion of confidence -Fish (1) -Steel Dagger (Lerhynian) -Nadrion Liamne’s Ensigna -Flask of Oil -A Candle -A lantern -a Troll mind -Map of Kenderville -A Direspider corpse -Weird ribbone -vial of tar beast portion -musical package -ancient tablet -Som Il Sil’s Armour parts -38 haphazard dalmarite documents relating to Hecar -a lock of zairra’s locks -Freshly crunched Coco beans (From Lockjaw) -the corpse of cendamos

-an abyssal runic pill Bana ::GIVEN TO SHIVAL::